Emerging Artist Series


Gallery500 is excited to introduce our Emerging Artist Series. With each exhibition, Gallery500 will feature a new, up and coming artist, highlighting their work and impact on the local art scene. Stay tuned for new works, interviews and blogs about the artists in our series!

Katherine Knapik

Learn more about Gallery500's Emerging Artist, Watercolorist Katherine Knapik, pt 9 in the series. Learn more about the media, what it means to be an entertainment designer and her advice to young or up and coming artists.


Mark E Lewis


Mark E Lewis is GALLERY500's eight artist in our Emerging Artist Series, and the first Digital Artist we have represented. Read the blog to learn more about his media, his love of Daytona and his connection to motorsports View his Gallery500 collection here or in person, on display until February 26, 2023.

Cars are art…my mission daily in life is to take that art and frame it in a motif that captures that eye. 


Will Foerster


Will Foerster is GALLERY500's newest emerging artist in the seventh part of the series. Watch the interview and read the blog to learn more about his method, inspiration and aspirations as a portrait photographer. View his "Grecian Stone" collection here or in person, on display until January 2023.

I primarily prefer to shoot in black and white, as I feel the unity and simplicity of the works have an elegance that is not commonly found in color imagery

A Year Later...Brandon Stanley

We decided to sit down with Gallery500's first Emerging Artist in the series, Brandon Stanley, to see where he is now, how his work has transformed and what an Emerging Artist has meant for his career.

Emerging Artist series gave me a foundation to establish myself from. Not only did it give me the confirmation of my work, but also the confidence to continue photographing waves.

Read more of our interview in our August Blog

Brandon Santiago

As a Gallery Director and Curator, I strive to exhibit thought-provoking and engaging work. It is always exciting to support an artist that I truly believe in and would own in my personal collection. For the next part of our Emerging Artist series, I knew Brandon Santiago would be perfect. 

My art is good at telling a story...and it might not be my own story or [the] story I intended it to be.

Read more about the artist in our blog and see the collection here. 

Watch the full interview here.



Ruth Hayden

With the fourth installment of the Emerging Artist Series, GALLERY500 wanted to introduce not only a newcomer to the local art scene, but an artist with a unique vision, a unique point of view. Ruth Hayden is just that artist.

The goal is to allow others to feel seen and known in a way that they didn't know they needed. It's not about being perfect, it's about being honest.

Read more about the artist in our blog and see the collection here.

Volusia County Schools

What better emerging artists are there than local high school students? Read our October Blog to learn more about part 2 of our Emerging Artist Series and watch the interview with some of the students.


Click here to learn more about how you can support VCS' Visual Arts Program


Brandon Stanley

Newcomer to the central Florida art scene, photographer Brandon Stanley has art (and Daytona Beach) in his blood. 

There's nothing else...where you can literally capture a moment in time and share that with someone else.

Read our blog or watch the full interview 


Click here to View the Collection 



Check back for the next artist in the series…