Collection: Brandon Stanley


Brandon Stanley is a Volusia County Ocean Rescue Lifeguard and photographer. He has always had a deep love and respect for Nature in all its alluring facets of beauty. With a unique perspective and an arduous approach, Brandon transforms the tempestuous environment of the ocean by capturing moments of grandeur and serenity. An attempt to reveal the ocean’s power and artistry as a central component of his work is motivated by a desire to immerse the viewer in his journey, while highlighting the importance of environmental conservation.


Brandon enjoys shooting various subjects; however, the physical and technical challenges that present themselves in wave photography entices him the most. With only a cell phone, Brandon began taking casual wave photos on the shoreline five years ago. Now, he uses an underwater housing for his Sony A6300 camera. For some of his most dramatic photos, he swims for hours along the outer breaks to position himself inside the “barrel” of the wave to capture the perfect image without being taken “over the falls”.  If needed, Brandon will enhance the colors within the image to narrate the ethos he perceives. He prefers printing on acrylic and metal materials to create modern, sleek, and vibrant pieces of art, but understands when a handmade frame and canvas suit the image best. 


His work is award winning and he hopes to expand his reach to larger audiences as he continues to develop his passion into a career. By glimpsing his view of the world, he strives to give you, the viewer, a greater appreciation for conservation efforts needed to nurture and restore such beauty. Explore more of Brandon Stanley's work in Gallery500's One-on-One Interview on Youtube.