Emerging Artist Series, Pt 11 - Beau Wild

Emerging Artist Series, Pt 11 - Beau Wild


Gallery500 has spent the last two years highlighting emerging artists in our Emerging Artist Series. The currently exhibit at Gallery500, on display now through December 31st, titled Artist: Emerging to Established, features artists at various points in their art career, from youth artists to established career artists who now teach the craft to others. To coincide with the exhibition, in the 11th part of the Emerging Artist Series, we want to divert from the “emerging” artist program and feature an established, tenured fine artist, who has led her life as a successful artist: Beau Wild.


            Beau Wild is an inspiration to many. I have admired her work since we were introduced several years ago. As I continue to learn more about the artist, see her ever evolving artistic style and spend more time with Wild as a person, my admirations continue to grow. Wild has made a career as an artist, a feat many do not accomplish; but she has accomplished more while maintaining her identity as an artist. She is a mother, wife, accomplished therapist, friend, teacher, avid gardener, and more. She would find time to paint while making dinner for her family. She would create late in the night, after midnight on many occasions, to continue her practice and paint every day. While running a successful business as an occupational therapist, she consistently make time to create. She is a prolific artist and continues to paint daily.

            Recently, Wild’s artistic career reached a pinnacle with a solo retrospective exhibition at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens. A solo show at a museum is a respected accomplishment for any artist; a career retrospective is a badge of honor for an established artist. The exhibit was much deserved and illustrated just how prolific of an artist Beau Wild is. The show displayed everything from figurative paintings to mixed media assemblages to sculpture. The show spanned 40 years as most of her work prior to the 1980s was destroyed in a house fire. Fran Gardner brilliantly curated the exhibit, highlighting the diversity in Wild’s oeuvre and stylistic growth through the years.

            I was able to spend the afternoon with Beau in her studio. We perused her collection, discussed creating new works, spoke a bit about her process and I even had the chance to watch her paint. The video interview details our conversation, so I do not want to bore readers with a written replication of our talk. Instead, I want to leave readers with my impression after the conversation with Wild. I am impressed with Wild as an artist not only for her skill and understanding of art, but I am consistently taken back by the artist’s ability to endure, grow and maintain a positive outlook. She creates inwardly. She uses her emotions to create. Rather than retreat during troubled times, Wild overcomes with art. Through years of experience, of success and more importantly failure, Wild has maintained art as a center focus. I admire the artist’s ability to continue to grow, try new things, fail yet turn the failure into success. Gallery500 is honored to host Beau Wild during our Tea with Beau on Sunday November 19th from 1 – 3 pm. This event is for artists, collectors or art fans eager to learn about a successful artist and hopefully grow their admiration for this accomplished artist as I have.


To RSVP to Tea with Beau, please email info@gallery500.art or call (386) 262 - 1912



A special thank you to Beau Wild, Natasha Fenga for filming the interview and Annie Scull for editing.


- Amber, Gallery500 Gallery Director

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