Emerging Artist Series, pt 10 - Annie Scull and Natasha Fenga

Emerging Artist Series, pt 10 - Annie Scull and Natasha Fenga

       Two years ago, Gallery500 began our Emerging Artist Series with Daytona Beach photographer Brandon Stanley. After years of working with young and up and coming artists, we are thrilled to release the 10th part of the series, featuring not one but two photographers, Annie Scull and Natasha Fenga.
        Those names should sound familiar to gallery friends and collectors. Both Annie and Natasha are not only professional artists, but also Gallerists at Gallery500. Initially, when both artists began working at the gallery, the goal was not to represent their artwork. However, after seeing their work, discussing their inspiration, and hearing of their drive to showcase their art to the world, I knew they would be perfect additions to our Emerging Artist Series.

            Annie Scull is a Daytona Beach native and highly skilled and educated photographer. Her artistic abilities are innate, as she not only practices making visual art, but is also a talented musician. She is truly an artist, finding beauty in everything, all while continuing to find the joy in the process of creating.  Regardless of what she is doing, she strives to highlight the joy. Whether commentating on social norms and perception or playing with chemicals and light (as seen in her cyanotypes currently displayed at the gallery for our Image Makers exhibition) Annie wants to enjoy the process.

            Natasha’s photography similarly has multiple layers. While her goal is to capture visually appealing scenes, her work also maintains a deeper meaning. Many believe photography captures what is real. Although this is true in many ways, the photographer is the one creating the image. The photographer can manipulate what the viewer sees. In the series currently on display at Gallery500, Natasha enhances the natural light, digitally drawing on her images to create an almost surreal scene.  Viewers can take what they want from this exaggerated light, but Natasha hopes that through this process, viewers can see the sense of spirituality in her work that she experiences while photographing.

            Annie and Natasha have a longstanding connection that began before Gallery500. They both went to Spruce Creek High School and they both participated in the IB program. In some ways they are opposites. In others, they are deeply similar. They both find the beauty in the world around them. And they both have a great appreciation for art, artists, and the process of creating art. Since a young age, both artists knew that making art was in their future. Both artists continued their education focusing on art, specifically photography. Both artists continue to practice their craft and grow as artists. Of course, I have a biased opinion; but both artists have a bright future ahead.

            What other way to celebrate Gallery500’s 10th part in our Emerging Artist Series than with a bit of fun. Watch the video interview to see more of Natasha and Annie’s interview and enjoy a surprise guest, Brandon Stanley!


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