Image-Maker: July 2023

Image-Maker: July 2023

Imagemaker: One who produces pictures or photographs (source:,develops%20another%20person%27s%20public%20image.)

An Image-Maker is more multifaceted than this simplified definition, however, combining a visual unit with societal, individual, cultural, or artistic significance allowing Image-Makers to have a complex influence on viewers. This the topic of Gallery500’s next exhibition, on display July 7th – October 1st. The show will feature Gallery500 signature artists Deborah Berry and Brandon Stanley, in addition to a few newcomers, including Christophe Hanckowiak, Annie Scull and Natasha Fenga. Each of the featured artists in the exhibition have a unique style that explores the various ways Image-Making can be expressed and experienced.

            Brandon Stanley and Deborah Berry are regulars at Gallery500. Stanley is best known for his wave photography. He captures his scene directly from the water, using an underwater housing to protect his camera. Stanley has a distinct point of view, stemming from his love of the water and background as a Daytona Beach Lifeguard and lifetime surfer. With these unique experiences, the artist explores the crest of a wave in addition to other unique, typically unseen moments in his wave photography. Stanley immerses the viewer in the tempestuous and idyllic nature of the ocean.

            Deborah Berry presents one-of-a-kind images using pigmented liquids. She captures the collision of colorful droplets using high-speed photography techniques to create distinct images. These images are further emphasized with the metal substrate in which they are printed. Berry creates unpredictable shapes that are reminiscent of animals and other figures and offer new abstract perspectives in vibrant bursts of color. Her images are often composed with a black background, creating high contrasting images. For this exhibition, Berry has experimented with intricate new color palettes and reflections making us even more excited to host her new creations.

            Christophe Hanckowiak may be a new artist to the gallery, but he is not new to photography. After a successful career in IT, Hanckowiak decided to turn a hobby into a career. Hanckowiak infuses his work with the beauty of his quintessential Floridian surroundings. He manipulates his scene with in-camera techniques such as long exposures and panning. He minimizes his equipment and post-processing editing to allow the authenticity of the image speak for itself. His passion for photography is evident in his work as he captures his love for the beauty and essence of life.

            Annie Scull and Natasha Fenga are also new artists to the gallery, although many collectors may be familiar with the artists – they are both Gallerists at Gallery500. Both artists have photography backgrounds and are excited to showcase their artwork as the next emerging artists in Gallery500 Emerging Artist Series(stay tuned for the video interview next month).

            Scull will showcase cyanotypes, a printing method that produces cyan-blue images. Discovered in 1843, cyanotype printing is a time-honored method. This alternative process allows the artist to create an image of just about any object using two chemicals and their reaction to UV light. The results are versatile, allowing the artist to manipulate and distort their image without ever touching a machine. Scull is exploring the natural beauty of plants and flowers in her work where each cyanotype is unique and distinct.

            Fenga will also showcase her images. Using her photography and post-processing digital manipulation techniques, Fenga creates “portraits” of the nature around her through a spiritual lens. Whether capturing florals or the surrounding landscape, Fenga has a specific point of view. Her work shows the world from a different eye, as she highlights aspects of the scenery that most viewers would overlook. She focuses on light and its effects on a subject while editing to exaggerate this light, or digitally paint it in entirely to enhance the ephemeral scene.

            Each of our Image-Makers present a distinct and differing point of view in their work. The exhibition will feature mediums and methods not typically showcased at Gallery500. Stop in the gallery to see the exhibition, July 7th – October 1st and join us for the Closing Reception, September 22nd at 5 pm – 7 pm. We look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon!


 -Your Gallery500 team

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