Collection: Christophe Hanckowiak

Christophe Hanckowiak is a professional photographer based in sunny Palm Coast, FL. With an unwavering passion for capturing life's most precious moments, Hanckowiak turned a hobby into a successful career, and he has never looked back.

The artist's photography portfolio is diverse, ranging from breathtaking long exposure seascapes to vibrant sports and automotive imagery, and heartwarming family portraits. Clients often comment on the natural feel of the work, which he attributes to his ability to connect with the subjects.

Based in the picturesque state of Florida, Hanckowiak has access to some of the most stunning scenery and beautiful beaches in the United States. This allows the artist to infuse each of his photographs with a unique and captivating energy that truly sets them apart.

At the heart of my photography style is a commitment to capturing authentic and unfiltered moments. I strive to stay true to what I observe and minimize the equipment I use to achieve this goal. Rather than relying on excessive gear, I prefer to let the rawness of the image speak for itself.

Christophe Hanckowiak