Collection: Matt Pearson

Photographs by Matt Pearson featuring stunning aerial images of Australian coastlines.

Artist Statement:

With a tendency towards the extreme, Matt Pearson’s photography pushes the boundaries of drama and illusion in his aerial landscapes of the Sydney coastline. The birds-eye-view perspective of these photos – accomplished by way of single-engine plane – presents the familiar concept of “coastal art” in an unfamiliar way. It is through this fiercely difficult technique that Pearson is able to achieve perfectly timed photographs capturing all of the details of the deep blue Pacific Ocean waves rolling softly onto crowded beaches or break harshly over rocky outcrops and coastal architecture.

Artist Biography:

Based in Sydney, Australia, Matt Pearson is well known for his stunning photographs of Sydney and surrounding coastal areas. Over the past two decades, his work has developed a significant international following and belongs to private collections in all corners of the world. This is thanks to the creative and unconventional ways that his works pushes the boundaries of photography to showcase the drama of Australian seascapes and present them under a new light. 


Matt Pearson