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Thomas Arvid

Les Bouchons

Les Bouchons

12” x 36” Limited Edition on canvas by Thomas Arvid. This piece is framed. 

Reflecting the rich and vibrant complexity of the Chardonnay inside, “Les Bouchons” adorns the bottle of Fleming's private label 46 Diamonds Pouilly-Fuissé. Arvid’s modern interpretation of “Les Bouchons” is arranged against a backdrop of white, leaving the eye free to explore the textural gradation and play of shadow on cork. With just a hint of the bottles at hand, we can only imagine the sparkling conversation and lively reception accompanying the start of a great evening.

While Arvid focuses the bulk of his creative energy on his paintings, he is also always dabbling in other arts. Often found in a circle of friends around a campfire, entertaining everyone with his guitar, his easy singing voice, and his larger-than-life smile, Arvid effortlessly manifests joy and comradery. He is also an avid cook, and his art historian wife, Vanessa, has often said that if he wasn’t a visual artist, he would be a chef. He channels those efforts into not only feeding friends and family, but is dedicated to providing the local family shelter with home cooked, lovingly prepared meals on a regular basis, taking great satisfaction in creating memorable and delicious meals for the shelter as he does in creating masterpieces for his collectors. Arvid truly radiates beauty from the inside out.

*Inquire with gallery about other possible variations and framing options.

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