Collection: Wilson Romero

Vibrant paintings by Wilson Romero depicting dramatic portraits of women dressed in elaborate outfits honoring cultural and historical fashion, and incorporating elements and perceivable representation of the many other visual and fine art forms such as music, theater, poetry, textile art, and body art.

Artist Statement:

"Painting is the only place where I can reach my heart; when I paint, I can see my soul like a mirror. When I paint, I can feel my poems in every single brush stroke full of colors. Through my paintings I am here, I am not invisible. I exist," Romero stated.

Wilson's paintings often include his own poetic writing on the back of his pieces, which gives the viewer insight and understanding of his creative journey.

Artist Biography:

Wilson Romero was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1967. He attended the University of Cecilio Acosta, where he earned his degree in Art Education. His interest in new opportunities encouraged him to move to the United States in 1994. Wilson's artistic vision matured as he discovered new inspirations for his work based on family, cultural influences, and diversity. The geisha has become his most well known subject matter, emerging from a love of fashion and metaphor, as seen with the geisha's elaborate outfits where each garment contains specific meaning and significance.

Wilson Romero