Collection: William Lurcott

Paintings by William Lurcott, featuring stunning Florida landscapes, country scenes, and tropical marshes in a classical impressionist style. 

Artist Statement:

Living life as grandly as we possibly can is an art. We are always creating. Putting together, assembling, collecting and imagining as we go through this journey. It is a path that each of us ultimately takes alone--yet simultaneously with billions of others. We live and interact with an infinite amount of external input, yet it is the internal conversations that we have with ourselves that most influence how we are and who we are in the world. Through the stories we tell ourselves, and share with others, we reveal more about us than anything else. For many years, the story of how I see was locked up, hidden, sequestered inside. Ignored and basically suppressed in my adolescence, it took decades for me to realize that I was actually being gifted with an abundance of hurdles to expand and grow myself. What a wonderful journey it has been so far, and I am literally exhilarated to imagine what's next.

William Lurcott