Collection: Will Grant

Acrylic sculptures by Will Grant featuring stunning interwoven forms made of fused acrylic in graduating hues of blue and purple.

Artist Biography:

Will Grant was born in Montclair, NJ, in 1969 and as a young child moved to Palm Springs, CA with his family where he grew up. He studied ceramics in high school and then furthered his education while attending College of the Desert in Palm Springs, CA. He spent his time in school mostly sculpting abstract figures but wasn’t very interested in academics. In 1990 an opportunity came along that would change Grant’s life and career forever.

Upon receiving an invitation to work in a small village in Taiwan making furniture, Grant jumped at the chance. He was introduced to the art of making furniture out of acrylic and fell in love with the material. In 2000, Grant decided it was time to go out on his own and opened a company in Sarasota, FL. As Grant continued to make furniture, he soon discovered that he could take remnants of acrylic and create art forms in sculpture. These early, experimental works were usually given away to friends and family until one day he discovered how to add color and seamlessly fuse the acrylic into unique art forms. In 2005, Grant was introduced to the work of famed Israeli artist, Yaacov Agam, and he was instantly inspired by the movement of his pieces. Movement became a fundamental element of his work and can be seen in the fluid nature of both his intertwined and solitairy designs.

Grant has primarily spent his time creating art sculpture forms. Grant’s artwork has been featured in many art galleries around the world as well as Fine Art Juried Exhibitions throughout the USA. As artists continually strive for new creativity, Grant recently started incorporating glass, metal and wood into his acrylic sculptures. He says, “I am constantly inspired by what is around me and I rush to my studio every morning to see what new techniques I can discover." 

Will Grant