Collection: Vickie Wilson

Paintings by Vickie Wilson depict an Art Brut vision through the use of vibrant acrylics and mixed media technique to form complex graffiti-like pieces.

Artist Statement:

Take a Matisse-loving third generation abstract painter birthed on the likes of de Kooning and Pollock, subject her to 18 years of watching graffiti covered subway trains, blurs of color, screeching brakes, just pure raw emotion. Add some Keith Haring, Studio 54 punk rock and just plain life in the fast lane. Now those memories can be transformed by searching for a personal language in art. I am grateful to many friends, artists and teachers who inspired and challenged my life in all manners, both difficult and uplifting, with a kick in the ass and a kiss. By painting tonight, tomorrow I awaken to see my dreams, but not so often here, which is truly the best without censoring. How can I let the subconscious speak? Automatic and abstract meet quite easily with a sleight of hand, like a master hypnotist, bringing forth my unconscious mind set free.

I had a great career working in commercials, wore many hats there, creative enough, art director, set decorator, costumer and wardrobe stylist. Then I left, had started to paint again and wanted to give it my full attention. Played with styles, researched some, loved Joan Mitchell. Then I saw a page in a graffiti book and fell in love with an art collective in Barcelona, Spain. Ochos Nigras, (Black Sheep), and that was what I was looking for and have been inspired many times by looking at that one page. Because I liked this art I started to research similar in Europe and discovered the style had a name, Art Brut. Then found Jean Dubuffet was instrumental in defining this very basic, primitive form of expression, that I love so much. Throw away a lot of paintings and recently started to save them for collage, primarily using a glue gun. It was really a learning experience. I can have a large table covered with cut up canvas and can pick colors to cut into abstract shapes. It's been a wonderful journey. Someone mentioned they, "Wanted to live their life in my colors." I replied, "I lived that that life and now I paint it."

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