Collection: Sam Bass

Paintings and prints by the late Sam Bass, nationally renowned and internationally collected artist known for his stylized auto-racing and American vehicular subject matter.

Artist Biography:

Sam Bass is known for being NASCAR's first licensed artist, and spent his artistic career producing historic images of the cars and drivers of NASCAR. His works are instilled with the history and excitement of NASCAR, following the careers and races of famous drivers. His love for the sport and the beautiful cars in it allowed him to create works that celebrates NASCAR and the drivers that have become idols over the course of history. Sam spent 38 years producing works with an unparalleled precision and detail, even going on to design some of the most notable and famous cars in NASCAR history, such as the "Rainbow Warrior".

Sam Bass passed away from Kidney disease on February 16th, 2019, at the young age of 57. He will forever be remembered as a monument in the motorsports art industry, and his work will continue to bring joy to NASCAR fans from this time onward.

Sam Bass