Collection: Robert Shirk

Mixed Media artworks by Robert Shirk feature acrylic paint on sheets of acrylic plexiglass utilizing a contemporary take on pointillist style.

Artist Statement:

Born in Tarrytown, New York, in 1952, and residing in Southern Florida for most of his life, Robert Shirk’s dynamic paintings capture the beauty and sensuality of his subjects through a purposeful combination of adapted pointillism, optical illusions, and light play. A carefully orchestrated symphony of color in which layers of painted plexiglass work in cohesion to bring forth a compelling and visually dynamic image. The effect being, ethereally kinetic paintings with a distinctly sculptural quality and the illusion of movement as the viewer’s perspective changes. His aesthetic focus is to create an image of drama, beauty, and sensuality through composition, materials, and application of color—an image that is fun to view and contains unexpected surprises.

Artist Biography:

Robert’s artwork was thrown into the limelight early on when he was selected to exhibit in the 1976 Bicentennial American Painters in Paris and received an Honorable Mention. For the next 10 years, Robert sold artwork in various South Florida galleries before taking a hiatus from painting to develop a prominent career in graphic design and art marketing. Since returning to painting, he has developed the style of painting on multiple layers of plexiglass that he is known for today. He has exhibited extensively throughout Florida at institutions such as the Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Orlando Museum of Art, The Art League of Daytona, and others. His work is gaining considerable attention in the media and collector bases for his unique and compelling application of traditional pointillist methods and figurative subject matter to unconventional materials, offering a dynamic and exciting viewing experience.

Robert Shirk