Collection: Peggy Banks

Mixed Media assemblages by Peggy Banks created from copper, handmade marbleized paper, natural gemstones and found materials.

Artist Statement:

Peggy Banks is based out of Orange City, Florida, and creates elaborate mixed media art composed of handmade paper using banana leaf fiber infused with dyed and marbleized silks. The resulting piece reveals the silk as it emerges through the paper creating undulating creases and folds. She superimposes these works on copper which she organically patinas to correspond to the colors and textures of her art.  These works are influenced by the evocative qualities and energy of nature’s ever-changing landscape. As the silk bursts forth from the paper it suggests new life, budding, blossoming, and unfolding an enchanted mystery. Banks strives to create beautiful mixed media images to uplift the spirit. 

Exhibition History:

Having exhibited extensively throughout the region, her works are a staple of the eclectic and earthy style that dominates Central Florida arts. Banks’ work has been featured at esteemed establishments such as the The Florida Women’s Museum, The Ormond Memorial Museum, The Deland Museum of Art, The Tampa Museum, and is on permanent display in various locations around Volusia County as part of the Arts in Public Places program.

Peggy Banks