Collection: Nancy Newlove McElroy

Earthen clay slab sculptures by Nancy Newlove McElroy demonstrate the natural beauty and dynamic potential of 3-dimensional structures.

Artist Statement:

My sculptural work in Earthenware clay continues to build in size, flourish with color and spark interest when examined from every angle. I react to textures in nature, cloud formations, movement of water and responses to wind and light. Clay slabs are draped, bent, stretched and broken, then assembled to design a labyrinth of shapes that are left raw or brushed with a range of color. Some structures become utilitarian when I form a lid, creating an abstract box.

Understanding the reaction of my glazes to the heat of the kiln is another important aspect of my art. Glazes flow, craze and crackle to produce unusual surfaces and hues. My appreciation of nature’s own beauty is reflected by embellishing pieces with authentic gems and minerals such as amethyst, citrine or pyrite.

Clay is blended earth that allows me to create freely and share my artistic self. When tracking my journey, the graph creates a visual mountain range that inspires me to continue the climb.


Nancy Newlove McElroy