Collection: Lisa Wilson

Artist Biography:

An artist for most of her life, Lisa Wilson's definitive style of Expressionism evolved from her experience, passion and love of life; the beauty they have offered. Each dramatic work of art is a prayer; an offering surrendered in a spirit of innocent play and exploration.

A Meditation…

Rendered in oil, acrylic, sculpting mediums and a multitude of color, on board, gold leaf or fine art acrylic, each masterpiece begins to breathe. With passionate relief, its topography unveils itself in a process upwards.   

A journey of the soul, this artistic adventure has produced extraordinary images that evoke a primal reaction from Lisa’s audience, which consists of collectors coast to coast and abroad, stirring their hearts and sparking the imagination.

Contemporary, yet soulfully introspective, one needs only to pause and let her paintings speak; to quiet their souls for just this moment, communicate in the language of the heart.

An only child, Lisa was fortunate to have endless artistic influences in her life that perpetuated a steady creative flow, beginning with the inspiration of her mother, an accomplished vocalist; her encouragement directly affected Lisa’s ability to push through, discover, and find her creative self. As a result, Lisa would spend hours creating, drawing, painting and immerse herself in art of every form.  

An accomplished dancer, musician and vocalist, Lisa allowed the creative force to come forth and to flourish.

The joy of her family, the thrill experienced from raising her sons, living throughout the country, and experiencing the different rhythms of people have also been a major contributor to her perception and presentation of her art.   

As a result, Lisa's paintings grace homes and corporations internationally and throughout the country.

"Art is in the perception; and my art would be shallow without the tapestry of love and relationships that make my life so rich— thus contributing to the final outcome on the canvas.”   

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