Collection: Lillian Verkins

Paintings by Lillian Verkins feature vibrant and colorful abstract designs on stretched canvas. She is based in Orlando and is establishing herself as a dominant figure in the Central Florida art scene.

Artist Statement:

"Art is my meditation place where I can go to forget everything and truly be in the present moment of creation and evolution." She has become successful in evoking the spirit of her subjects ranging from deep outer space to abstract concepts to palms swaying in a storm and other figurative works. 

Artist Biography:

Lillian Verkins is an Altamonte Springs contemporary acrylic and mixed medium painter. Her canvases are filled with motion and expressive brushstrokes, oftentimes eliciting a meditative response.

Verkins has received a total of 26 juried awards and was recently featured in a special solo exhibition at the Orlando Science Center for her revolutionary work in abstracted space-scapes. 

Lillian Verkins