Collection: Laurie Chase

Paintings by Laurie Chase feature calm coastal scenes of boats floating on still waters all over the world.

Artist Statement:

"My work documents the ambiance and daily experiences of various locales, through paintings that radiate with intense color and warmth. I look for the peaceful serenity which many coastal and harbor scenes afford, suggesting a simpler, calmer time, perhaps many generations ago. I love to capture the realistic images of a colorful row of buildings, or a singular, weather-beaten fishing boat and the reflections that randomly - or very exactly - dance back off the water," stated Chase.

Artist Biography:

Heralded as a leader in the genre of contemporary realism, Laurie Regan Chase is an award-winning signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists, and is in many permanent collections throughout the Americas.

She paints both oil on canvas and watercolor of the countryside and coastline communities that she has visited in her travels. She has become known for her lifelike interpretation of reflections and through skilled brushwork and use of the palette knife, she creates a three dimensional quality to her realistic images. 

Her goal is to tell a story of the harbors and countrysides of her journeys here and abroad, capturing the ambiance and character of each region. From translucent skies mirrored in a sheltered Mediterranean harbor to a 13th century monastary-turned-Domaine in Burgundy, FR, her compositions translate the reality of the setting onto canvas and paper.

Chase was born in Chicago where she gained a love of water through sailboat racing on Lake Michigan. Her formal education began at the Art Institute of Chicago, and continued later at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree. After moving to San Francisco in 1976, Chase concentrated on painting scenes along the picturesque California coast. In subsequent years, she has gone on to find similar inspiration for her scenic portraits during her private sailing travels throughout the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas as well as the southeastern coast of the United States, Hawaii, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.

Exhibition History:

Her most recent endeavor is a focus on the Domaines and vineyards of Burgundy, FR, by invitation from the owners of Michelin-stared Le Montrachet Hotel in Puligny-Montrachet. They wanted to introduce her contemporary realism style of painting to the Domaines and vintners of the region. Her next venture back to Burgundy will feature the vineyards of both Sonoma and Napa Valley's.

She has showcased her work in one-woman exhibitions in the United States, Mexico and Europe. Her work was most recently included in the American Society of Marine Artists 15th National Exhibition, which was a national fine arts museum show in nine U.S. cities from October 2011 through November 2013.

Laurie Chase