Collection: Kathleen Lusby

Traditional portraits and impressionist works by Kathleen Lusby masterfully display a variety of subjects spanning humans, flowers, animals, etc., documented in vibrant oil paints.

Artist Biography

Kathleen Lusby, artist and native Floridian, discovered her passion for art at a very young age. She remembers both in her childhood and as an adult drawing subjects both from life experiences as well as from photo reference. Even as she worked full time, married and began to raise a family, her longing to become an artist continued to grow. By 2001, she decided to leave that full time office job behind her and pursue her true dream of being a professional artist.

Amidst years of private lessons, workshops, instructional videos and books, along with God given talent, she found her subject matter to be very diverse. Yet the more she painted the more she realized that the ‘fine art of portraiture’ was becoming her expertise. Kathleen is now sharing her knowledge with others with both private and group lessons held in her Ormond Beach studio. 

Kathleen Lusby