Collection: Julie Latayan

Julie Latayan is a Florida based artist who has spent years perfecting her sculpture skills. As a self-taught artist, Julie began her career as a painter and muralist. Her love of art and the wish to share her talents with others ed her to teach high school art for five years. She later opened her own gallery/studio. As a successful painter, Julie sought to expand her talents and became fascinated with sculpture. She loves the dimensional possibilities of clay that is not inherent to 2-Dimensional painting. Currently, Julie has merges her painting skills with ceramic sculpture, creating fresh new forms.  In this way, Julie finds she express herself in both color and shape. She sculpts and fires the clay, cold finishing her pieces in acrylic paint. Her inspiration come from the rich diversity of humanity’s quirks and emotions. Julie feels a heartbeat in every piece of clay and works to bring it to life in a clever and unique way.
Julie Latayan