Collection: Jeff Mishtawy (J DESGNS)

Jeff Mishtawy of J DESGNS creates custom, one of a kind wood furniture using damaged or unique wood that may often be overlooked.

Operating in Ormond Beach, FL, Jeff has rapidly developed a reputation for his unique vision of artisan table building.  While he has on occasion built some traditional pieces, he specializes in highlighting and enhancing the beauty of damaged, distressed, or unique wood.  Similar to the Japanese art of Kintsugi, Jeff's approach is to embrace the character of the damaged and unique areas of the wood and let them organically become the feature of the piece.  

His thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted pieces have been individually commissioned for a wide range of clients and uses, ranging from wall art to countertops to dining tables.  Originally involved in the motorsports industry, he has managed to integrate the engineering philosophies of race car building into the highly complex process of building surfaces that are both visually stunning and durable. 

Jeff Mishtawy (J DESGNS)