Collection: Guy Harvey

Paintings by Guy Harvey feature dramatic underwater scenes of large game-fish and other ocean life.

Artist Biography:

Guy Harvey is a Jamaican raised marine wildlife artist currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His paintings depict the beauty of marine life amid the infinite depth of warm blue waters. Harvey's long-standing passion for the sea and its inhabitants have propelled him from Professor of Marine Biology to a wildlife photographer and conservationist, which lead to a technique of photographing free-swimming fish during dive trips to better capture the details that make his paintings so captivating. The marine life in his paintings appear to pop off the canvas and swim toward the viewer in a way that is only possible due to the specific techniques Harvey employs in his planning stages of each painting.

His natural skills for recreating marine life on canvas have launched his works into the public eye, earning him numerous awards and exhibitions, but his original career path was in the scientific realm, as a Doctor of Fisheries Management. His interest in studying the ever changing climate of marine life environments has lead him to dedicate much of his time and talent towards programs dedicated to protecting our oceans, fish population, and reef system. Among these programs is the Guy Harvey Research Institute of Nova Southeastern University and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Guy Harvey