Collection: Fred Haase

"I hope you can see the feeling I put in my paintings, and appreciate the colors and shapes that bring my subjects to life.”

Fred Haase studied art at Minnesota State Mankato majoring in painting and pottery. He continued his education at Northeastern University, and the University of Miami.  He was an artist for NASA at Cape Canaveral during the Apollo Space Program and still cherish the moments being part of America’s pioneering space effort.   Art has always influenced his life, and perhaps even more so his view of the world.  Life is indeed art, and the artist is happiest when lost in creating.

In the beginning of his art career, Haase focused on portraits.  Portraits are special in that he cannot only portray the subject’s physical likeness, but also the character and demeanor of the person. The artist uses colors and shapes to depict the subject’s mood, as he interprets. As his art career continued, Haase expanded his whimsical style to include Florida wildlife, especially that of the Florida Keys, a place near and dear to the artist’s heart after years of living in the area. The artist’s work feature not only ocean life, but also motorcycles, cars, and racing, another favorite of the artist. How can you not love a vintage yellow Indian motorcycle?  

The goal with each painting is to illustrate graphic motion and color. The artist feels each movement and color of the works he creates. The results are whimsical acrylic paintings that combine a mix of detail and abstract that bring my subjects to life. 

Fred Haase