Collection: Fay Samimi

Artist Statement:

An Iranian-born artist now residing in Ormond Beach, Fay Samimi uses her imagination and knowledge of Iranian culture to freely develop concepts, which she then turns into objects. As stated by the artist, “Imagination is the channel by which the subconscious communicates with the conscious mind.”

Each of the objects she creates are rich with symbolism and metaphor such as the use of cat and ram ears, which reference Iranian ancient art history. Her sculptures can be interpreted in the same way that we interpret dreams. Human and animal forms interact and blend seamlessly, hinting that we are made from the same clay. Many of Samimi’s sculptures have small objects inside that will roll and tumble around when the sculpture is moved from one spot to another. In this way, she is giving each piece of artwork a voice of its own. Samimi’s ultimate artistic goal is to intrigue viewers’ perception, create a dream world of their own, and invite them to interpret her art from their point of view. 

Fay Samimi