Collection: Erwin Dazelle

Wine, Polo, Landscapes… the themes follow one another and the Artist remains faithful to himself… He works with the heart and this is reflected in his creations ...Born in 1974, Erwin Dazelle has become a known and recognized artist in the South West of France and in particular in the Basque Country, in the city of Bayonne, where he began his activity as a painter and art glassmaker twenty years ago.

His figurative but also colorful and partitioned style is directly inspired
by the stained glass technique.

His notoriety continues to evolve not only throughout France & Europe, but also in the United States.

In 2008, the artist was exported to the USA; he obtained the famous green card and became an American resident. A year later, the United States opened up completely to him with major artistic projects in the automotive world as well as in that of wine. Commissioned to produce posters of major races and festivals Erwin continues to create unique works of art.

Erwin Dazelle also performs live performances, the live birth of a painting during which a real magic takes place before our eyes ... Watch the artist create a brand new mural in One Daytona during the One Daytona Art Festival on November 13th & 14th, 2021

Erwin Dazelle