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Mixed media paintings by Emily Tillman offer stunning designs using an extensive variety of traditional and nontraditional materials such as oyster shell, glitter, and homemade stickers.

Artist Statement:

My abstract paintings are expressive, emotive, personal, and passionate. For me, the way that I approach the way I work comes from a place of complete freedom and experimentation. There is not any pre-planning of the composition. I am an active painter, meaning I lay the framed canvas on the floor and am constantly moving around it, working from each side and angle until the painting feels resolved. Working this way allows me to interact completely with the painting. I apply layers of translucent and opaque paint with my hands, brushes, and pours to create different dimensions in my painting. The viewers are invited to join in my expedition as I discover and portray my relationship with the connection of color and feeling.

Artist Biography:

I grew up in Ormond Beach, Florida and have been taking formal art lessons since the age of five. After graduating with a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and also studying in France, I opened my own studio and gallery, Emily Tillman Studios, in Savannah, Georgia where I currently reside. My artistic interests are always changing as I like to explore with traditional oil painting, acrylic, and mixed media techniques.


Emily Tillman

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