Collection: Dillon Powell

Dillon is a multidisciplinary artist known for his dynamic aquatic sculptures, and his incredible architectural installations. As a Florida native, Dillon has always been inspired by the natural beauty of the area. From trekking the mangroves and woodlands to fishing and sailing across Florida’s seemingly boundless coastline, he invests his time exploring the region with his family and strives to bring those places, that passion, and those experiences into each of his designs. 

He uses traditional fabrication techniques through a modern lens to bring his drawings to life then uses a combination of metal patinas, automotive paints, and protective coatings to achieve his signature, radiant color scheme and finishing techniques. Dillon specializes in metalwork sculpting, public art, concept design and production, installations, and accent pieces.


With over 10 years of experience in all facets of metal fabrication and fine art, both private collectors and commercial brands have commissioned Dillon to produce unique and diverse sculptures and public installations. As such, collaboration is impertinent in his work as he is passionate about making a statement with each piece, and truly making the never-before-seen possible.

Many of his larger projects would not be possible without the collaborative efforts from his team of technical designers, architects, engineers, tradesmen, and artisans whos strengths include incorporating lighting elements, structural security, and faux finishing techniques to create a complex three dimensional installation that reveres the natural world.

Dillon Powell