Collection: Bill Patterson

Artwork by Bill Patterson includes paintings in his iconic expressive style. His work focuses on the speed and energy of auto-racing. Though not hailing from Central Florida, his work has developed significant recognition and following in the region through a celebration of Daytona Beach's culture as the birthplace of NASCAR and American auto-racing.

Artist Biography:

Born in Wyoming, Bill moved to the Canadian Rockies where he quickly engaged his two passions: art and downhill skiing … and both at the age of three!

By age eleven, Bill found himself in a British boarding school in Argentina. He was quick to learn Spanish, sketched on everything in sight and participated in all kinds of sports, but nothing compared to the precision, speed or exhilaration he remembered from downhill racing until he was invited to go to his first auto race in Buenos Aires. Bill immediately recognized in auto racing, the same ‘edge’ he knew from skiing. It was the edge of precision, calculated speed and technical limits with infinite exhilaration and he was hooked.

After returning to the US, and becoming a practicing architect, Bill made a life changing decision. He knew he was an artist first and an architect second. He began to paint and hasn’t stopped since.

Bill is currently the Official Artist of Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca, does an array of commissioned work for private and corporate clients, and performs ‘live paintings’ internationally for corporations such as Honda, Firestone, IBM, FedEx, Microsoft, Lamborghini, and Lincoln. Although he is best known in auto racing circles, his art has been widely accepted in other motionsports as well, including tennis, hockey, skiing, soccer and sailing. Surprisingly, even the not-so-fast motion sport of wedding venues has been in high demand. The possibilities are endless with Bill’s talents!

Today Bill resides in the Texas Hill Country, and if he’s not painting, he’s likely speeding down the side of a mountain on his skis or bike or flying his model glider up to speeds of 200 mph! It has always been about speed, and there is no slowing him down!




Bill Patterson