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Barbara Betts' works in a truly iconic style.  With bold and colorful loose brushstrokes her work is a mix of Impressionism and Expressionism. Originally from Washington D.C, Betts moved to Daytona Beach to further her artistic career. She began painting in 1976 and continues to paint to this day. With an extensive art background, consisting of former lessons from artist Lori Picket, art shows, workshops and continuing her education through Daytona State College, Betts consistently strives to perfect her craft. Betts is associated with local art associations, the Palmetto Art Club, Beaux Arts, and the Art League of Daytona Beach. 

Today, Barbara Betts paints actively while residing locally in Florida.

Betts is one of the founding members of the Beaux Arts of Central Florida, a members only artist group that celebrated 60 years as an organization in 2022. Watch the anniversary video to learn more about Barbara Betts and the path she has laid for contemporary female artists. 


Barbara Betts

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