Collection: Adolfo Girala

Artwork by Adolfo Girala features mixed media paint applied to canvas in layers to create a textural abstract pattern with a single unified design.

Artist Statement:

For me being an artist has been a blessing, a self-discovery and a challenge. Passion and the desire to create something beautiful and unique drives my soul. I get totally submerged in my work which is always an exploration, an adventure that of which has not been explored before.

To be an artist you must learn to let go of yourself and dive into the realm of your inner world. You must allow this inner world to guide you, to inspire you, to do the work for you. You become an instrument for the same creative power that created all that is. You must learn to trust and rely on your teacher within.

As an artist I feel the need and responsibility to take care of our Mother Earth, to forgive, to love, to always be learning, and to appreciate and respect the sanctity of every living thing.

My art work is a representation of beauty, tranquility, and mystery.

Artist Biography:

I was born in Havana, Cuba in September, 1962. My childhood was filled with good times spent at the beach. Those days seemed so wonderful. The Caribbean Ocean is magnificent. The endless sunny days with cool breezes are my favorite memories. The colors of this Caribbean island were so vibrant and alive that they continue to inspire my work today. At the same time, the Cuban revolution had a progressively negative impact on my family and I. Not being part of the communist party, we were constantly harassed. My school years were full of fear and intimidation. Finally, in 1980, during the Mariel exodus, we were allowed to leave the island in fishing boats. I am a U. S. citizen now and I have lived in Los Angeles since my arrival in the United States.

Growing up as a child, I didn’t have the opportunity to come in contact with art due to the social and family problems I experienced. I have always felt that I had a lot of creative energy, but I never knew how to channel that energy. Becoming an artist has been a long, slow and challenging process. The first and most difficult challenge I faced, was to break away from the Cuban machismo mentality that kept me from pursuing my artistic passion.

After an inspiring spiritual vision in 1994, I was able to express myself artistically as I had never done before. It was not something I chose. Instead, it flowed from my great desire to express myself. The blank canvas was simply going to be the avenue for my expression.

Adolfo Girala