What do you want to see? - June 2023

What do you want to see? - June 2023

Let’s talk about art. As obvious as that is, a gallery blog talking about art, many guests of museums and art galleries are unaware of what goes into producing an exhibition. We have previously discussed the impact of art on a business in our January 2023 blog and a bit of the planning process of our Beaux Arts of Central Florida Purpilicious exhibition in our September 2022 blog, but we want to bring to light a bit more of the purpose of these exhibitions and hear from you, the viewer.

Planning an exhibition begins months before it is announced to the public. Many museums begin planning a show several years in advance, overcoming many steps and challenges before much of the perceived planning even begins (i.e. concept, budget, funding). Although we at Gallery500 do not have such a lengthy process, we do plan our shows a year or so in advance. Most are group exhibitions, connected by a common theme; Although, we did host a solo show during Beau Wild’s Studio Spring Cleaning last month and occasionally feature artists such as Elizabeth Garrett in 2019 and Brandon Santiago in 2022.

Why a theme? A themed show helps present artwork in a new way. For example, in Gallery500’s 2021 exhibit Dimensions: Exploring 3D, we presented a variety of medias, from sculpture, wood, and impasto style painting to fine art jewelry, allowing viewers to consider a more functional art form, such as jewelry, as a fine art medium. In our 2022 show, Icons, the theme forced viewers to consider the influences of contemporary artists and how iconic imagery affects our reaction to the artwork. Most recently, with our current exhibition, Petites, we can display a variety of mediums, including ceramic sculpture, mixed media watercolors and original pastels, all in one show.

After years of shows, exhibits and featured artists, we want to hear from you. What type of art are you interested in viewing? What theme appeals to you? The goal in maintaining an exhibition schedule and rotating the artwork in the gallery is for you, our guests and visitors. We want to keep the gallery fresh and entice you to return week after week after week. Let us know - respond to this posing, send us an email (info@gallery500.art) or send is a direct message on Instagram or Facebook.  We appreciate every person reading this blog and look forward to your feedback.

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