Impact with Art - January 2023

Impact with Art - January 2023


          Art is meant to leave an impact on the viewer. Many people fall in love with a piece of art because of their emotional connection to it. The image may remind them of a favorite childhood memory, or the subject matter might evoke a feeling of peace and calmness. Art is about more than just adding color to a wall, it creates a unique experience for those spending time in the space. Gallery500 has the honor of working with local businesses to curate special collections that leave a positive impact on their guests. 

            This fall, local dentist Dr. Sara K Dean fell in love with Brandon Stanley’s photography. She could see his passion in his work. She too had similar feelings about his subject – the ocean. After a one-on-one meeting with Brandon, and a few design proposals later, Dr. Dean hand selected the works to be installed in her newly renovated dental office.

Brandon's photographs create an impactful experience for those visiting the space. Dr. Dean, her staff, patients, and guests can feel that passion that Dr. Dean felt when first viewing Brandon’s work. Fine art can transform an environment that might otherwise feel, stuffy or overwhelming. According to, “engaging with the visual arts can actually improve stress, memory, and empathy.” Brandon’s photographs not only decorate to the office, but they emotionally impact the viewer – and hopefully reduce the stress of visiting the dentist.

Barwick Banking Company’s motto is “For Locals. By Locals.” When designing their new Daytona Beach office, they knew they had to integrate local artists into the design. After weeks of measurements, curating and artwork proposals, the team decided on 15 unique pieces by two local artists, Brandon Stanley and Christophe Hanckowiak, to complete their branch. Not only do the pieces add dimension and color to the spaces, but the artwork helps to support their mission, and stand out from the crowd of corporate businesses.

Dating back to 1907, what began as a dream for a few local families has continued to this day. CEO of Barwick Banking Company, Jim Bange notes, “We want to be known as a small bank with all the services you can receive at a big bank.” One way to stand out: hand select custom artwork. The team at Barwick Banking understands this intangible gain and Gallery500 is grateful to have the opportunity to work on this project together. The long-lasting impact on viewers/guests is intangible, but ever more important in our contemporary and often overstimulated world.

How do your surroundings impact your daily life? We invite you to take the time and enjoy the world around you. Adding art to your space can change the way you experience the day.

We hope to see you in the gallery soon!



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