Collection: Paulo Jimenez

Watercolor and acrylic paintings by Paulo Jimenez capture the vibrance and raw energy of performance vehicles.

“My paintings are reflections of conversations I have with nature and the outer world.”

Artist Biography:

Jimenez was born in Costa Rica and at an early age his family moved to the coastal city of Antofagasta, Chile. In his early years, he developed a strong connection with nature living between the Atacama desert and the sea.

Jimenez received his BFA at the University of Hartford, and his work typically depict still life scenes, coastal and tropical landscapes, and figurative works. His paintings blend expressive handling with bright tones and voluminous forms and explore the relationship between human beings and the wilderness. Jimenez views nature as the only thing that doesn’t change in a person’s life. The sky, mountains, trees and the ocean are perceived as eternal and permanent due to the shortness of our lives. It is the only constant of our ever-changing existence.

Gallery500 features a series of exclusive prints that are an extension of his current body of work, in which he is presenting beautiful scenes in bright color, but with a focus on the exotic cars that dominate South American culture.

in his most recent body of work, Jimenez has been working with pigmented marble plaster and wood. This technique provides a unique surface in which the artist can, in a sense, sculpt with layers of paint. 

Paulo Jimenez