Tis the Season - December 2020

Tis the Season - December 2020

December is here and so are the Holidays. This is a highlight of the year for many, although the world continues to change. 2020 changed life for everyone and the sentiment is obvious at Gallery500 as the gallery welcomes Gallery Director, Amber O’Neal. Amber brings years of experience in the art world, with a Master of Art History & Museum Studies from the Florida State University in addition to a background in galleries from Naples to St. Augustine. Amber spent most of her graduate years working with the education department at the Museum of Fine Art at FSU, an experience she brings to the Gallery500 team. She loves the everchanging art market and looks forward to balancing her knowledge of the non-profit museum world with the domain the of living, working, contemporary artists at Gallery500. Stop in the gallery for a quick introduction and see what changes Amber will bring to Gallery500.

In other news…

The holidays are here! It is a time to enjoy life, loved ones and the joy of gift giving. Gallery500 boasts a unique selection of handmade gifts, perfect for that special someone or that one person who has everything. Budding art collectors will love an original work of art from a local artist or a handmade collectable from one of our Florida-based artists. We have a great gift giving guide to help inspire you to inspire others.  Check out the collection.

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There is a lot to look forward to…

We have some great upcoming events in 2021. January 7th we open a new exhibition, Finer Things, highlighting the works of Thomas Arvid, J Scott Nicol, Nancy Neeb, Laurie Chase, Kim Sapp and Paulo Jimenez. The work will be on display through February 28th, 2021. RSVP to attend the opening reception the Finer Things Exhibition, January 8th 2021.

Later in the month, Gallery500 is honored to co-host with Ocean Luxury Realty, the Art of Speed. The luxury car show will feature a unique selection of international fine vehicles while Gallery500 will host the VIP Reception during the event. Along with a wine tasting courtesy of 95 & Vine, guests will enjoy music, giveaways and guest artists Thomas Arvid & J Scott Nicol. Both artists will be in the gallery as they debut new works and in addition to an exclusive new original, reserved only for Gallery500 & our collectors. RSVP for this exclusive and limited event or contact Amber at aoneal@gallery500.art for more information.

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