Art Buying: The Process - September 2023

Art Buying: The Process - September 2023

Much like an artist enjoys seeing their work displayed in new spaces, a Gallerist finds excitement by installing art in its forever home. This month, we had the pleasure of working with Mattie, a recent homeowner, to help bring a pop of color and personality to her new living space.

Mattie was visiting the gallery this spring when she first viewed Vig Mayol’s painting “Dreaming in Flowers”.  The painting is a bright and whimsical work of expressionistic play. Completed with acrylic paint and oil pastels, it’s inviting colors and textures cause any viewer to admire it with childlike wonder. As she was looking at the piece, I asked her what she liked about it. 

Mattie mentioned that the painting felt like the opposite of the “sad beige aesthetic” which seemed to overwhelm her whenever she entered a home décor store, or online shopped to decorate her space. For Mattie, it was more important to find a work of art which represents herself, rather than following the latest Instagram trends. She told me, “It’s simple, it just makes me smile with all the colors. It’s like a reminder of all the personal growth I’ve been doing lately, almost as if it’s reflecting my confidence right back at me.”


A few months later, Mattie settled on her home in New Smyrna Beach and was pleasantly surprised when she received the painting as a housewarming gift. She spent the first few weeks in her home renovating the floors and learning how sunlight moved across her walls. When she decided where she wanted to hang the painting, she called the gallery and scheduled a home installation.  


When I visited Mattie on installation day, the only thing on her walls were a few test paint splotches. “It doesn’t feel like home yet, I’m still getting used to it,” she told me as we discussed her plans for the space. Once we decided on a height and hung the painting, both her living room and eyes brightened up. Her new home was beginning to feel more like hers.

At the end of the day, that is Gallery500’s goal. We are focused on finding the perfect piece of art that is curated to our client’s unique personalities. Our services include private consultations, in-home staging, and art installations so that our clients can feel comfortable with their addition(s) to their art collection. Come visit the gallery and get inspired for your space!

-Annie Scull

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