Pure Love Mini
Pure Love Mini

Collazo Collection

Pure Love Mini

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20 x 20 inch mixed media painting on fiber resin set in a white float frame. This piece was created through the partnership of artist Gabriel Collazo and interior designer Angela Collazo.

The couple’s work, much like the couple themselves, is bold yet refined, and fills a room with intrigue, texture, and love.

Collazo Collection begins creating their fine art pieces by hand making fiber resin canvases. Then, by adding layers of texture, careful color gradients, and bursts of hues, the couple finalizes their masterpieces and completes their insatiable mission in life and in art which is to, above all, spread love. Out of this love, they give and outpour their talent into the homes of their collectors.

*Incorporated in a six-part series, entire series equals $12,000.