Inside Out (Redemption)

Ruth Hayden

Inside Out (Redemption)

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40" x 16" oil on canvas original by Florida based artist Ruth Hayden. Part of her How it Feels series, Hayden's work is an introspective look into the effects of the pandemic. 

"This painting has two meanings. The orange sphere represents the soul, the vertical line is our connection from heaven to earth, from the spirit to reality, the horizontal line is our connection to others. Sometimes it felt like everything inside me was bursting out during the pandemic, the anxiety, the unknowns, and I have a choice of where I channel that... at others and/ or spiritually to God. The other meaning is seeing the red lines as a cross. I do not have to carry everything on my own, Jesus did that for me, he took the pain, fear, anxiety on my behalf and I can rest in that."

This work is gallery wrapped and wired, ready to hang.