Hummingbird Dance

Wilson Romero

Hummingbird Dance

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48 x 36 mixed media on canvas, gallery wrapped and ready to hang. Wilson Romero's work centers on a female heroine. Using acrylic paint, ink and pencil, the artist creates this ephemeral being, transporting the viewer to another time, place and emotion. Tied to his self-written poetry, every piece completed by the artist has a special place in his heart. The artist writes:

"My wings are ready to fly

With thousands of monarchs in the blue sky

What a sense of wonder

If you let me, I can bring you all the stars one by one

If you let me, I can place my hand on your shoulder

And kiss your face softly

I want to feel your gentle soul next to mine

I want to show you how intense love can be

My heart is ready to dance with hummingbirds and petals

We will dance until love wins and joy prevails

If you let me, I am ready

Ready to dance

Ready to stay

I am home."

-Wilson Romero

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