Ruth Hayden


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24" x 48" oil on canvas original by Florida based artist Ruth Hayden. Part of her How it Feels series, Hayden's work is an introspective look into the effects of the pandemic. 

"When I was creating this painting it began to look like neurons to me. The connections in our mind are versatile and can change and grow. After getting Covid, things changed for me as they did for so many people. Sometimes it can feel like these changes are not good, but the guarantee is that things will always keep changing. The connections we make every day, through thankfulness, prayer, gratitude, can reshape our minds to see the goodness through every season. That is my prayer for people. To experience this work and see the chaos and the joy. They can exist together."

This work is gallery wrapped and wired, ready to hang. Part of a set, inquire with the gallery for more options.