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Charcuterie Board - Flame Box Elder

Charcuterie Board - Flame Box Elder

Custom Charcuterie Board created by Jeff Mishtawy of J_Desgns. Using Flame Box Elder with black resin, Mishtawy creates a unique, one of a kind accessory. Flame Box Elder is a subspecies of Maple. The red streaks in the wood are an integral part of it and not added. The streaks stem from invading beetles and fungus. First the beetles attack, boring holes throughout the tree. These wounds become avenues for a fungal invasion. As a defense, the tree releases powerful and colorful chemicals around each wound to fend off the fungus. Eventually the tree falls and we are able to appreciate the beauty of nature in action. The red coloration will become more muted over time, but will never fade away, and battle between the tree and the invaders is permanently on display. This wood has been kiln dried and stabilized to be food safe. In a forest of 1000 of Box Elder trees, we might be lucky to find a single one with this coloring. 

This piece will make a statement at any dinner party.

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