For the Girls

Thomas Arvid

For the Girls

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H.C. TBD stretched giclee on canvas. 

“For the Girls” celebrates a lazy afternoon in the South. The weathered, white-washed table, contrasted with the elegant French Rosés perfectly illustrates the range of “Arvid World.” With little surprises thrown in, like the vivid garden flowers and the tempting droplets on the chilled bottle, he’s deftly captured a moment we all remember, a casual gathering that becomes an indelible memory. And, of course, this was all thrown together “For the Girls!” Rosé all day dolls!

Outdoor living is central to Arvid’s life. Whether sipping wine on the front porch, cruising on one of his boats, taking in the sunset on a Maui beach, or playing guitar by the campfire, Arvid tries to spend time outside every day. Be it dining al fresco in Napa or bourbon by the fire in Park City, Arvid always finds a way to squeeze in a little fresh air. And happily for us, he beautifully immortalizes these ephemeral moments on canvas.

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