J Scott Nicol

"As an artist, I express myself through my paintings. In order to tell my story, I chose books as a vehicle for those paintings. Creating this type of art is a painstaking process of research, intricate composition, and detailed painting. After coming up with a thematic concept, I choose the image for each of the books. A color background is then created which is complimentary to the image. Finally, I make up a title that in combination with the image will elicit a response from the viewer. So far, I have created over 60 paintings making up over 400 books."

Graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University, J. Scott Nicol spent most of his adult career as a successful graphic artist, working in business graphic and textile art. He was inspired by his grandfather, whom he had never met but Nicol remembers, as a child, sitting in front of his easel and paints, pretending to paint.  After a successful career, Nicol longed for a career as a painter. Today, Nicol uses his degree in photography and painting to create one of a kind masterpieces.

"The true reward is in the process of making art. Taking a blank canvas and transforming it with oil paint and brush into made up books that not only tell the story of my life but of our collective popular culture."