Greg Gawlowski

Photographs by Greg Gawlowski utilize long exposure and macrophotography methods to capture dramatic landscapes and abstract up-close scenes.

Artist Statement:

With landscapes that will inspire awe and provoke a sensation of vastness in even the most intimate settings, Greg Gawlowski’s muse is Mother Nature herself. His photographs present aspects of nature in terms of its beauty and scale, be it endless rows of lavender and immense mountain landscapes, or intimate watery alcoves and even smaller veins of water trickling through the canyons of the American West. Gawlowksi’s photographs offer an invigorating new perspective on nature. His Coastal Abstracts series, in particular, is created using a long-exposure technique that picks up the starkness of natural surfaces against subtle traces of rushing water, in the form of an ephemeral mist around unmoving rock and earth.