Joscelyne Drew

Joscelyne Drew is a self-taught artist who has exhibited in many outdoor art shows and exhibitions from the Florida Keys all the way to northern Maine. She currently works with resin on various mediums to create dynamic layered paintings of beach and ocean inspired scenes.

"Working for many years as a graphic surfboard artist, I found an inherent beaty in the dried colored resin droplets on the floor beneath my surfboards. After many years of thought and research, I developed my own technique to elevate the beaty of resin from the floor to a canvas. My passion and love for the ocean has always inspired me to create art that is nautically inspired. The turbulent soothing sunds and colors of the sea are translated visually into these original images, recealing a fluid liquid seascape, When applied to a canvas, ersin has a natural flow; as the resin cures it entraps and suspends additive colors creating an implied motion. By applying mulitple layers of resin to the canvas, i create depth and variation to draw the eye into a vibrantly colored atmosphere. I am so captivated by these images... READ MORE

Joscelyne Drew
Bimini Bay by Joscelyne Drew
Bimini Bay
48 x 36 in.
Golden Shores by Joscelyne Drew
Golden Shores
24 x 12 in.