Bill and Jon Slade

Bill Slade is both an artist and chemist when he creates his exquisitely beautiful paperweights and sculptures. To achieve this degree of total control, he must prepare each batch of formula by hand, carefully measuring and weighing all the dry ingredients. He then loads the formula into the roaring furnace, which is kept at 2400 derees F. It is slowly melted down overnight, becoming crystal pure by the following morning.

Bill slade then begins what he describes as his “Dance of Fire”. He gathers up the molten glass on the end of a long rod, one layer upon another. After every gathering of molten glass, Bill manipulates it with hand tools to create an ethereal design before encasing it in another layer of Silver-Veiled Glass. Some of his works have up to ten layers of glass (each with its own internal design) before he is ready to create the exterior shape. During this entire process, he must keep the glass molten by repeatedly going back to the furnace, for if it becomes too cool, he can no longer work it and get the designs. At the same time, if the glass is heated too much, ... READ MORE

Bill and Jon Slade
Gold Ruby by Bill and Jon Slade
Gold Ruby
9.5 x 9.25 x 3 in.