Gallery500 was founded in 2019 from the desire to create a space that celebrates Daytona Beach’s local culture, budding local art scene, and contemporary art on a national scale. Part of Daytona’s local culture is the importance of auto racing in all forms as well as the beach that was dubbed the “World’s Most Famous Beach” since the 1920’s. Gallery500 combines the quality and presentation of a fine art museum with the approachable and friendly nature of a local art fair by showcasing new artwork every two months and hosting a variety of community-oriented events and activities.




How do you select the artists featured in Gallery500?

Artists selected to exhibit in Gallery500 have been carefully sought out based on current trends in the contemporary art market and the quality of the artist's work and career. Each exhibition at Gallery500 is designed to showcase artwork that is entirely one-of-a-kind and in demand. 


Do you charge artists to exhibit in the gallery?

No. Unlike art fairs, co-op galleries, and membership based e-commerce websites, Gallery500 does not charge any up-front costs to the artists.


How do I buy art from Gallery500?

If you are interested in a piece of artwork on display or possibly exploring other works by an artist, simply stop by Gallery500 during our open hours to inquire with one of our gallery sales associates. We can also be reached at (386)262-1912 and info@gallery500.art for inquiries on artwork.


How can I find out more about an artist?

Gallery500 publishes a statement and/or brief biography on each artist featured in the gallery. You can find this information under the artist's profile, where their available works are also listed. The Gallery500 staff are also a great resource for additional information on the artist and works. If you are intersted in meeting with the artist directly to discuss their work, consult with our gallery staff and this may be able to be arranged.


Do you ship?

If you are interested in a piece of artwork but are not able to take it home with you, we are able to pack and ship the pieces to the desired location. We will charge a shipping fee based on the weight/dimensions of the object and distance being shipped. 


What about framing?

All of our prices are "as-is" and include the frame if there is one. Please consult with the gallery staff if you would like to purchase a framed piece without the frame. Gallery500 does not do in-house framing, but can work with you to recommend a suitable business to frame your artwork.